Taste that old fashioned wholesome goodness with our Hidden Creek Lamb. Raised on the lush grasses of the Pacific Northwest. Our ewes are bred for meat and not wool, therefore give a far more superior flavor than the imported commercial cuts you find in stores.



Our sheep herd is humanely raised and live in a comfortable environment. The ewes and lambs live on pasture and forage for food. They live and graze freely in a predator protected environment. We are a small farm, therefore we can monitor each animal as they grow.
In the winter months we feed local grass hay. Our lambs receive absolutely no growth stimulants or added hormones.
All our lambs are USDA Inspected and approved. When you buy our lamb you know where it comes from and you know it is raised with the best of care.


Our chickens and ducks are free range, having access to a variety of "greeneries" and our ducks have access to a pond where they love to swim​!
Many people like duck eggs for baking and pastries. Many of those allergic to chicken eggs can often use duck eggs instead. Of course, if you have severe egg allergies, we suggest you consult your physician before using duck eggs.


(Past and Present)

American Lamb, fresh homegrown flavor