Cut Price/LBS
Ground $6.99
Stew $6.99
Leg: Bone-In $7.25
Leg: Boneless (BRT*) $7.99
Leg Steaks: Bone-In $7.25
Loin Chops $11.50
Riblets $5.75
Rib Chops $6.75
Shoulder Roast: Bone-In $6.50
Shoulder Roast: Boneless (BRT*) $6.99
Shoulder Steaks $6.75
Shanks: Whole $6.99
Soup/Stock Bones $2.75
Offal. $2.00
Whole Lamb - Cut & Wrapped $300/Lamb

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* Boned rolled & tied

Custom cuts can be ordered. Delivery time 3 to 7 months is possible. A deposit may be required.

We also sell live lambs, ewe's and rams. Please call or email for availability and price

American Lamb, fresh homegrown flavor